Eco wraps are reusable food wraps made with all natural ingredients which are environmentally friendly.
Each eco wrap is made by hand with love from Eco wrap Byron Bay.

Made in Australia

You can choose from :
Small ( 20cm x 20cm ) $8.95 
Medium ( 27cm x 27cm ) $14.95

100% cotton, beeswax from Byron Bay, organic jojoba oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, and natural tree resin.

How to use eco wraps?
・As eco wrap is made by all natural product, texture might change depending on the temperature and humidity.
・Please do not use the eco wrap for microwave, oven and hot water.
・Bees wax starts to melt from 50℃ to 70℃.
・Please keep the eco wrap in the draw and avoid direct sunlight and high temperature.
・Once the eco wrap become sticky, please put it into the fridge. Then, the sickness will disappear.
・For low temperature in winter, bees wax tend to get harden and you might feel less sticky on the surface of eco wrap.
・Please put the eco warp under the sun and that would make it softer again.
・After use, please wash the eco wrap with water or natural detergent by hand, then air dry it. You can use it again and again.
・Depending on how you care your eco wraps, usually, it is possible to use it repeatedly for a long time.
・Using more and more makes white wrinkles on the surface of eco wraps.
That is the clear evident that you are considering about the future of earth and contributing to earth-friendly living. Nothing wrong with the product. Please keep it with your affection.
・When eco wraps completed its' duty, please cut it small and compost them. It will return to the earth safely.

After use, you can just wash eco wraps under the running water and leave them to dry.

You can reuse them again and again.
When they are finally ready to go back to nature, you can compost them.

Efficacy of bees wax
Bees wax is a natural antibiotic due to its anti-bacterial properties. It also has excellent moisture retaining and waterproofing abilities. ​

Efficacy of jojoba oil and coconut oil
Jojoba oil is a powerful antioxidant, making it is possible to preserve goods for several years. It has anti-bacterial and antioxidant effects in addition to its ability to help food to retain moisture.

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