Highest Potency Active Honey in a Jar

PLEASE NOTE: The MGO rating may vary between 800+ and 830+ MGO, depending on the results from Independent Laboratory Tests. Every single batch of our honey is tested for accuracy at independent laboratories.

Australia’s Manuka Honey Uses:
Australia’s Manuka Honey uses are proven to provide a wide range of human and animal health benefits. Taken daily as a vitamin and mineral rich dietary supplement to aid digestion or as a natural wound healing accelerator; Australia’s Manuka Honey has earned its reputation as a true Superfood.

Scientists are continually finding more Australia’s Manuka Honey uses. For example, they are finding that it has potent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and that it has the ability to kill bacteria and break down bio-film without accumulated resistance as with conventional antibiotics.

Australia’s Manuka Honey Uses are:
・Immune booster
・Digestive balance & reflux reduction
・Eczema & Acne Treatment
・MRSA Infections
・Ease the symptoms of Gingivitis
・Soothe sore throats
・Apply to wound dressings for minor wounds and scratches
・A teaspoon a day for improved digestion
・Ease symptoms of fungal or bacterial infections
・Mix with lemon, garlic, ginger, and water to fight colds
・Skin Conditioner

Please Note: Not available in Western Australia

Australia's Manuka Honey 250g / MGO 800+

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